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Social Media... according to Ron

So, you think you have to be social to be on social media?

Not true. Most days, you're lucky if I want to talk to anyone other than my dog. (Who happens to be the best listener in the world, by the way.)

I digress. My job is mainly to manage social media accounts for my clients. Which I love. I love the varied types of businesses I deal with, and hearing about how each person loves what they do, why they love their business and how they want to get their business heard. And, if we're honest, they can't be arsed to Tweet, post to Facebook or take a picture for Instagram. That's why I do what I do.

I think you must have a love of words to do this job. And to be quite fickle. Each client I have makes me want to do their job. I try to understand what they do and why, so that I can post as honestly as possible. And to feel like it is their voice coming across on each platform. I try to ensure their humour is evident rather than mine, because, as our website says, at C&H Marketing "we aren't everyone's cup of tea".

Nosiness is key to keeping your social media accounts up to date. I trawl through other accounts for hours, similar businesses to my clients, some celebrities (It's definitely for work. Definitely), but also accounts which entertain me and engage. You either need to entertain or inform. Don't just post a picture without explaining what it is. (Unless it's just a massive slice of chocolate cake and a delicious coffee. Who needs that explaining?!)

As this is a blog, I guess I should give some tips for Social Media.

  • Research. You might post the same information or offer as your competitor. (It's like wearing the same outfit as another guest at a wedding. *shudder*)

  • Research. I mention it again, as I really believe you cannot learn enough about all the different platforms, which performs best for which type of business and the latest algorithms. (algorithms = yawn)

  • Post. It may be pretty obvious, but you must post! I recently read that globally there are 2.8 billion users, meaning half of the world’s population is now online. That’s 2.8 billion reasons to get your message out there.

  • Inspiration. I take inspiration from all around me. Chats with friends and colleagues, scenery when I’m driving, but mainly my dog, Ron. But I love a good inspirational quote. (always popular on Instagram. Especially if you hashtag it with #inspirationalquote)

  • Humour. Keep it light. Keep it short. Personally, I avoid any contentious issues, but it's each to their own on this. If you feel politically motivated and it's relevant to your business, post about it!

  • Be present. If you post, be aware you may have comments, replies, or requests for further information. Response time shows on Facebook, so you should be ready to reply swiftly. (Also, if you do post politically motivated posts as I mentioned before, be warned the masses will come out and show you the hate.)

  • Hire a professional. If you're just not that into it, hire a professional, like me. Then you can blame someone else if it goes wrong. Or you can just put it in safe hands, knowing you can kick back, relax and watch Eastenders*, without worrying if Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook need updating, all with different content. It is money well spent. (*other dreadful soaps are available)

I'm going back to talk to my dog. And FYI, he thought this blog was awesome when I read it to him.

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