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Meet the C & H team

Meet the team, we're a pleasant bunch and we love helping businesses to reach the audience that they deserve. In addition to our all-around skills, we do have a few specialist areas of interest and we are always happy to chat about what we do...

twiz kay c&h marketing.jpg

Social Media 

Twiz just gets stuff done, no fuss, no dramas which is ironic, considering her background in theatre. A social media specialist, producing compelling content and effective communication plans.

07837 334820

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Grown Up

We are so lucky to have Simon working with us, it's a bit like having a premiership manager looking after a team of toddlers (he'll hate this reference, partly because he's too modest and partly because he hates football). Anyway, Simon is our man for management consultancy, copy writing, award entries and all-round brilliance.

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Head of Research

With a Masters in Social & Political Thought, we don't argue with Harriet, there's no point. Brilliant at researching companies and unearthing golden nuggets of information... 'Harriet gets where water can't'

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T: 01483 570092

Fancy a chat... and a cup of coffee? We don't do tea.

Thanks for dropping us a line, we'll get right back to you post haste!


Head of Nothing

I get asked a lot about two things, why C&H and why no mobile...? Here are the answers, the C&H refers to the initials of Calvin and Hobbes (OK, it's actually my two girls, Clara and Harriet but I don't want them to get big headed.)


The mobile is easy to answer too, they are rotten time thieves and I refuse to have anything to do with them, put yours in a drawer for a day and see what happens... nothing that's what, people can still get in touch and you'll have a lot more time to do important stuff like play with your kids, think and eat pies...



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