Meet the C & H team

Meet the team, we're a pleasant bunch and we love helping businesses to reach the audience that they deserve. In addition to our all-around skills, we do have a few specialist areas of interest and we are always happy to chat about what we do...

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Social Media 

Twiz just gets stuff done, no fuss, no dramas which is ironic, considering her background in theatre. A social media specialist, producing compelling content and effective communication plans.

07837 334820

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Head of Strategy

We're all a bit scared of Bex, not that she's in any way scary, it's just that she knows so much. Head of Strategy for a reason, Bex knows how to turn £1.00 into £2.00... a very useful trick, whatever your business.

07341 444898

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Head of Research

With a Masters in Social & Political Thought, we don't argue with Harriet, there's no point. Brilliant at researching companies and unearthing golden nuggets of information... 'Harriet gets where water can't'

07506 798772

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T: 01483 570092

Fancy a chat... and a cup of coffee? We don't do tea.


Head of Nothing

I get asked a lot about two things, why C&H and why no mobile...? Here are the answers, the C&H refers to the initials of Calvin and Hobbes (OK, it's actually my two girls, Clara and Harriet but I don't want them to get big headed.)


The mobile is easy to answer too, they are rotten time thieves and I refuse to have anything to do with them, put yours in a drawer for a day and see what happens... nothing that's what, people can still get in touch and you'll have a lot more time to do important stuff like play with your kids, think and eat pies...



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